1:48th 'Le Petit Palais'...

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Le Petit Palais

'The Dolls House Collection' 

 Le Petit Palais was inspired by the elegant architecture of France and internally has 9 rooms, accessed via a fully removable front and roof.
 This 1:48th kit is available to purchase via our
online shop

1:48th 'Le Petit Palais' Dolls House Kit - 34.99 (Kit shown above constructed & decorated - Display plinth sold separately)

(Shown above constructed & unpainted)

A 'Faux' staircase kit has also been designed to specifically fit this kit, along with an elegant display plinth kit. Both of these kits are available separately. (Faux staircase shown above constructed, painted & fitted)

The 'Faux' staircase kit is priced at £4.99 and contains two 'faux' staircases, banister rails and staircase housing, plus second floor staircase partition.

 The 'Display Plinth' kit is priced at £4.99

We have also designed two 'Shabby Chic' inspired door kits which will fit the door internal door apertures featured in this kit:

!:48th 'Shabby Chic' Double Door Kit - £1.50

1:48th 'Shabby Chic' Single Door Kit -£1.40

 Please Note 'Le Petit Palais' kit features two ground floor double door apertures and four single door apertures.

 The 'Faux' staircase kit features one single door aperture in the second floor partition.