Petite Properties' Paint Range...!

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Nervous about colour?

Not sure which paints to use?

Then welcome to Petite Properties' exclusive range of paints! 

Mixed by Bea herself, to her own 'secret recipes' you will find these shades are the perfect match for our wide range of smaller scale kits!

Our Petite Properties' colours also feature in Bea's highly popular book on creating exterior finishes; enabling you to recreate your very own 'artisan finish' at a fraction of the cost!


Petite Properties' paint shades available:

'Mucky Paint' - Bea's (now infamous) 'go to paint' for aging and distressing.

'Dirty Stone Mortar' - Used to create the perfect backdrop for mellow stonework

'Dirty Stone' - Perfect for creating mellow stonework.

'Wishy Washy Stone' - The ideal shade for either highlighting stonework or for creating paler muted rendered exteriors.  This is the colour Bea used to bring 'Le Petit Palais' to life!

'Bea's Bricks' - Just the right shade for external brickwork, pantiles or even quarry tiles!

'Red Squirrel' - A more intense terracotta shade, ideal for adding character and depth to brickwork, pantiles or quarry tiles.

'Bea's Brick Mortar' - The perfect shade to use to create mellow brickwork or even stonework!

'Old Beams' - Bea uses this rich shade for not only beams, but for furniture too.

'Wood Stove' - Mixed simply for those times when flat black is just far too harsh and modern!

'Stormy Skies' - Probably Bea's most used shade of grey, with uses too numerous to mention.  A definite 'must have' shade!

'Soot Ash' - Another of Bea's default shades of grey.  It is a highly versatile shade and an ideal base for both slate roof tiles or weathered oak beams alike.

'Parisian Rooftops' - No prizes in guessing the inspiration behind this classic bluish shade of grey which is perfect for bringing either leadwork or flint stones to life!

'Itchy Blanket' - A soft muted shade of grey which Bea uses throughout her miniature work, from beams to stonework... and a lot more in between! 

'Grandma's Green' - Bea's signature 'go to' shade of vintage green, much used throughout her miniature work.

'Old Sock White' - What can we add, as the name says it all! Quite simply this is a versatile vintage white that's ideal in period settings.

'Top Of The Milk' - A classically muted 'off white' used extensively by Bea on her external and internal woodwork.

'New Sheets' - A versatile fresh bright white which can be used to highlight stone or flintwork, or mixed with other shades to lighten them as required.

'Runny Custard' - A traditional heavy cream ideal for nostalgic rendered interior or exterior finishes. 

'Marshmallow Pink' -The quintessential colour of the idyllic thatched cottages of the UK.  Inspired by Bea's love of Dorset, this shade really is the perfect match for a 'roses round the door' miniature setting!

'Shabby Chic Blue' - A must have colour for fans of anything Shabby Chic!

'Mo's Shiraz' - A deep period inspired claret shade, perfect for shop frontages or external joinery.

'Rusty Bucket Red' (Distressing Paint) - Used by Bea to create a super easy and highly realistic 'rust effect' on miniature outdoor metal work & corrugated metal roofs!

'Post Box Red' - A nostalgically British shade of red! 

Silver Highlighting Paint - Ideal for bringing drainpipes, ironwork, blackened stoves & fire surrounds to life.

Gold Highlighting Paint - Perfect for distressing Shabby Chic furniture or adding elegance to mirror frames and fire surrounds.

Antique Bronze Highlighting Paint - Used by Bea to soften the shop frontage on No.2 Station Road, but equally as useful for highlighting mirror frames, metal work or fire surrounds.

Copper Pots Highlighting Paint - bring pots, pans or metal work to life with this vintage hue.

Due to digital colour reproduction limitations,

actual paint colours will vary from the samples shown here.