1:48th Garden Accessories...

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1:48th Garden Accessories...

Petite Properties are proud to offer a wide range of 1:48th garden accessories.

Each kit within this extensive range has been designed to complement Petite Properties' quarter scale houses, cottages or shops.

Our unique and affordable range of quarter scale kits includes many versatile and traditional pieces of garden furniture or equipment


*NEW Tool Shed -£2.25

 *NEW Beehive - £1.75

*NEW Fluted Arbour - £2.25

*NEW Pergola - £3.00

*NEW Outdoor Loo - £3.25

*NEW Garden Roller - £1.50

*NEW Lawn Mower - £1.50

*NEW Bird Bath - £1.50

*NEW Planters (Pair) - £1.50

Wood Shed - £2.99

Pedlar's Cart - £1.75

Picnic Table - £1.75

Rustic Bench - £1.50

Shabby Chic Bench - £1.75

Compost Bin -  £1.40

Traditional Wheelbarrow - £1.75

Bird Table -£1.50

Potting Shed - £4.99

Cold Frame - £1.75

Arbour - £1.50

Hen House - £1.75

Rose Arch - £1.50

Wood Store - £1.25

Traditional Garden Bench - £1.75

Cottage Garden Bench - £1.75



Our complete range of kits are available to purchase via our online shop 


Uniquely, each kit is precision cut from mount card, which enables crisper detailing and accuracy to scale. 

With kit prices starting at only £1.25 our new garden accessory kits are not only highly realistic, but easily affordable too! 

All kits come with full colour, step by step instructions - just add paint & glue!

(Above) Examples of constructed and painted quarter scale kits...